Children’s book: Press Release

Children’s book:

Children’s book: Lucian’s first dream. A journey to light.


Penny (Panagiota) Hatziefstratiou Michelinaki


Myrto Delivoria

ISBN: 978-618-00-1988-9

Category: Children’s book 4+

Number of pages: 36

Price: 13,50 Euro

Penny’s children’s book is based on her knowledge and experience on light & lighting, but also contains aspects of her personal quest for a life ‘with light’. The book presentation is also combined with interactive games with light or with educational material.

Children’s book Summary:

Lucian wondered what it’s like to have a dream. When he decides to look for his own dream, he sets out on a journey full of adventure! On this journey, Lucian discovers truths full of light, which in the end will help him find the way to his own dream…

Penny Hatziefstratiou Michelinaki

is married to Mathios Michelinakis and is the mother of two children. She has completed her post-graduate studies and holds a doctorate (PhD) in Architectural Light and Lighting from University College London. Furthermore, she has studied Economics and has done post-graduate studies in Human Resources Management. She has written and presented articles at international conferences and universities. She has also worked in the area of professional lighting. At the same time, Penny has created her own series of personalised gifts, Penny’s custom gifts, both with and without light.

Penny has participated in groups for human relations, focusing mainly on the parent-child relationship. Inspired by her children, she has designed the series of workshops on light for children Penny’s light seminar. Penny presents the workshops at kindergartens, child-care centres, schools, activity centres and museums. In addition, she organises workshops with non-profit organisations as part of her volunteer work. She also gives talks on lighting within the framework of an ongoing collaboration with various bodies.

Myrto Delivoria was born in Athens in 1974. She is a painter and illustrator. Myrto has presented her work in 4 solo exhibitions in Athens and has participated in 17 group exhibitions. Moreover, she has been honoured with the Greek State Illustration Award, the !EBGE Illustration Award, the IBBY GREECE Illustration Award, as well as the Diavazo Magazine Illustrated Children’s Book Award. In 2016 she also received an honourable mention on the IBBY Honour List 2016.

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The book is also available in Greek, and you can find the relevant press release here!

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