My review for the Multicultural Children’s book day

Τitle: Ι want, you want, it’s done

Written by Zacharoula Tzini , Illustrated by Nikos Giannopoulos, Published by ΒοοκDiaplous

A book in Greek for ages 3+

This is a very interesting book that introduces children to the concept of volunteering. What is even more interesting is that children get to know various forms of volunteering, such as donating blood, planting trees, and taking care of stray animals. Furthermore, the book offers deeper meanings, explaining that no one needs to be alone and that with collaboration and teamwork, everything is possible! It is a book that reinforces empathy, solidarity, friendship, and ultimately optimism for a better world.

A book is a unique tool in the hands of teachers and parents. Ideas for making use of the book are given on the first page. There, you can find a QR code with Activity Sheets. In particular, you will find activities to do with children before reading the book. Activities that reinforce the concept of “Will” as well as the power of “Team”. In addition, you will find activities after reading the book, such as painting, drawing, writing, and of course, games to play.

I highly recommend this book for kids 3+ for the great concepts presented therein. The text is easy to understand and intriguing. I also recommend it because every teacher and parent can get hold of just one world of this wonderful text and do additional activities and dialogue with the children. Finally, the text is complemented by the inspiring illustration, clear designs, and eye- catching colors.


No one has ever accomplished much alone. Every person should never forget the value of collectiveness. Especially children who should be taught from an early age the priceless value of selfless giving and active participation in aiming for a fairer and better society. The book “I want an active world” shows us how each of us, some a lot and some a little, can contribute something small but also something big to what we call society and that we all belong to it.

More information about the book:

The book comes with an activity e-book that supports the skills workshops on volunteering. Everyone can download using a barcode.

About the Author

Zaharoula Tzini was born in April 1979 in Serres, Greece. She graduated from the Department of Education Sciences in early childhood and continued her postgraduate studies in Socio-cultural Education and Training of Animators. She has been working in a public kindergarten for the past 16 years. In 2022 she released her first children’s book ¨I Want, You Want, It Happened”. She has received many awards for her work. However, the most important award for her is the love she receives from children every day.

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