Children’s book “Lucian’s first dream. A journey to Light.” By Penny Hatziefstratiou Michelinaki and illustrated by Myrto Delivoria!

Children’s book summary: Lucian wondered what it’s like to have a dream. When he decides to look for his own dream, he sets out on a journey full of adventure! On this journey, Lucian discovers truths full of light, which in the end will help him find the way to his own dream…

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“With great happiness, I present to you my first Children’s book! It is a story that embodies my knowledge on light, my love for children, but also elements of my personal search for a life “with light”. I hope my story to be a source of inspiration for your children, so that they can seek their own dream and discover the “light” in their lives”! Penny Hatziefstratiou Michelinaki

When you purchase Penny’s children’s book, you:

  • Offer an educational book that introduces basic concepts of light & lighting, through a ferry tale.
  • Encourage children, through an allegorical story, to believe that the “light” of their life is within them.
  • Motivate children to pursue their dream.
  • Get a book that will help you transmit knowledge and “light” to your children.
  • Enrich your collection of books in English and Greek.
  • Support the love for sharing specialised knowledge through self- publishing (the author holds a PhD light & lighting, MSc Human Resources, and experience in the industry of professional lighting).
  • Help to inspire children to live with “light”.
  • Moreover, you can suggest a book presentation at your children’s school or your local bookstore. The book presentation is combined with an interactive workshop that Penny has created, as part of Penny’s light seminar.
  • The book presentation can also be combined with educational material. 
  • Please note that returns are not accepted.