Penny’s first Children’s book, now available!

With great happiness, I present to you my first Children’s book “Lucian’s first dream. A journey to light”! It is a story that embodies my knowledge on light, my love for children, but also elements of my personal search for a life “with light”. I wish my story to be a source of inspiration for your children, so that they can seek their own dream and discover the “light” in their lives! 

I would like to thank my beloved Myrto Delivoria for believing in my story since the very beginning! Her great illustrations complete the story in a very unique way.

I would like to thank my dearest Elena Maroutsou who turned my story into a fairy tale! Her text editing highlighted my idea in a special way.

Penny Hatziefstratiou Michelinaki

Get the book now! For secure payments, please click here!

The book is also available in Greek. For secure payments, please click here!

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